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Workshop on Science Blogging at the Southeast European Studies Student Symposium (1. April 2023)

The organizers of the Southeast European Studies Student Symposium (31.3.-1.4.2023) from the Fachschaft Südost at Universität Regensburg invited me to prepare a workshop on Science Blogging. I am already excited by the prospect to meet young researchers on next Saturday (1. April). In the workshop, we can share experiences and discuss various aspects of Open Science.

Science Blogging and Open Science is a broad and fascinating field. While it offers vast opportunities for publishing, creativity and networking, it also covers and touches numerous challenges for young researchers: How can quality assurance and scientificity be maintained? How do blogging and the postulate of originality intersect, while writing on a (B.A. / M.A. / doctoral) thesis? What is the idea behind creative commons, and what did Internet activist Aaron Swartz intend with his Guerilla Open Access Manifesto? Which legal, ethic and other issues need to be kept in mind while blogging, linking and quoting? How do proprietary platforms and software shape the academic field, and how can academic freedom be defended against the effects of addictivity and manipulation, as known from platform-owned social media output? These and related questions will be discussed in the first part of the workshop. The second part offers a more practical introduction to existing science blogs and open science projects, including the author’s own and ongoing research project on neopopulism. Interested workshop participants will be invited to contribute with own blogposts to the project. Finally, a concise bibliography on some of the most crucial developments in the field may intrigue the participants‘ further interest in open science. One of the workshop’s aims is to raise awareness that a deeper familiarity with the internet’s backend isn’t reserved to geeks, nerds, and hackers: it equally concerns researchers in social sciences and humanities, who have no reasons to shy away from this fascinating (and inevitable) field.  

The Southeast European Studies Student Symposium is organized and supported by the Fachschaft Südost / University of Regensburg; the Center for Southeast European Studies / University of Graz; Südosteuropa-Gesellschaft e.V.; Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena. For more information on the event and registration details follow this link.

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